Channeling my Inner da Vinci, Miscellaneous Hand Drawings

A recurring theme of mine is that shortly after reading a book, particularly a biography, I’ll pick up a few things from the story’s protagonist and try to implement them in my own life. The drawings you’ll see are one such case. After reading (and not finishing) Walter Isaacson’s biography... [Read More]
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Talk with One's Other, a poem

A poem I’d written in early 2017 in a time of teenage angst. It’s meant to be uplifting and was composed as a way to express my feelings of gratitude for having enjoyed something, someone, and someplace well. [Read More]
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Thoughts on "The Enlightenment Now"

Here are my thoughts on Steven Pinker’s The Enlightenment Now. I’d read this sometime in 2018, probably in March, shortly after the book came out. I took some notes while reading the book, and for whatever reason, I chose to take the following quotes from the book: [Read More]

Saving for Retirement

I’d written this last summer for the Muslim Student Association here at MIT. I am by no means a financial expert, but I want to share with you all the things I’ve learned about saving for retirement in the United States of ‘Murica. If I’ve made mistakes, let me know... [Read More]
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