Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a quote attributed to Napoleon from a book I’d recently finished titled “Mind of Napoleon” compiled by J. Christopher Herold.

“Everybody has loved me and hated me; everybody has taken me up, dropped me, and taken me up again. … Only this was not all at the same time but at intervals and at various periods. I was like the sun, which crosses the equator as it describes the ecliptic: as soon as I entered each man’s clime, I kindled every hope, I was blessed, I was adored; but as soon as I left it, I no longer was understood and contrary sentiments replaced the old ones.”

Fortunately, I don’t relate to the above very much, still now, I think the reception from others in my life has always been rather consistent. But the quote is so interesting and I love the sun used here so figuratively. I wanted to make a clever short poem that touches on a similar theme (clever in its references to astronomy). Below is the result.

Enchanted by their beloved,

Focus affixed at their cosmic center,

Eight celestial suitors waltz in accordance to their elliptic,

But mercurial suitors they are,

At either apside, yielding to mania or melancholy,

Forever tethered to their desire.