If it’s true, as oft they claim,
That one’s eyes are windows to one’s soul,
Then come close, peer deep within,
Glimpse the depths of this restless heart of mine.

Hear you my heart?
How fiercely it roars,
Defying stillness and silence,
Beneath the gaze of the one it adores.

It proclaims love,
Finding its rhythm in destiny’s tune,
So come closer still, join in merriment,
Bestow upon it accolades, of gentle caress and tender kiss,
That you may watch as lion bows to grace,
And so carouse merrily with lamb and babe,
Presiding over Eden’s garden with strength renewed,
Love’s guardian: fierce, tamed, and good.

O, come home,
Behold the walls adorned,
With paintings and portraits,
Familiar scenes, our reflections therein contained,
Better than any mirror,
Will in my eyes our grand story be told.

Feel you the warmth?
Waves of it pouring from a hearth long lit,
Born from a touch, thusly fated to burn greedily for more,
Warm breath from parted lips should stoke it further,
Give it yours,
Make hot, red flame lick mantle’s roof–
And flood this home with light aglow.

Come closer, come home,
An invitation, the door ajar,
Push it open,
Be you welcome beloved,
Us together in this home.