Readily will I unburden Sisyphus,

Without care to crest the Mountain in which Man finds banal suffering and his very Soul trapped,

I shall relieve Sisyphus of that accursed boulder.

So readily will I heft said sorry stone above my head

And to Atlas’ awe,

Strike down hard

To split asunder the very Mountain

In which Hope, and her twin, Ambition, were imprisoned

And with that same weighty stone,

By which a mighty prison has been made rubble

Spurred on by Hope and Ambition’s maddening cheer and,

A promise to irrevocably free Man’s soul

Bowl it hard into those dominos ringed as final cage

That were erected high and tall; intended to obscure and muddle mine clarity of purpose,

So that what was thought indomitable,

All topple over in a rushing cascade—


The cosmic gameboard flattened—

By the efforts of a man