Author’s note: I’ve been having a hard time writing: I’ll open up my notes app and upon seeing the several, unfinished drafts of essays, I immediately lose motivation and close the app. That said, I think I’ve identified why I’m having trouble writing: it’s because I’d spent so much of this past semester writing for classes in an academic setting, I’m probably still tired (read: burned) out. So with that, rather than begrudgingly continue those unfinished, new pieces, I’ll cheat somewhat and publish some of the “touched-up” essays I’d written for my classes this past semester at MIT. In this particular essay, I make some comments regarding a third form of oppression, “psychological oppression”, that I think are valuable and pertinent to the social justice nature of the times today.

Because I want there to be some semblance of continuation and narrative on my blog, we’ll also get a guest visit from Adam, the gentleman hermit previously introduced in “Musings on Dignity”!